Volume 3, issue 1

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Published by the Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


  1. Avaliani, Eka “Cultural Synthesis” as Cross-cultural Interaction in Late Roman African World

  2. Bakradze, NinoOn the Role of the Poet and Poetry According to Novalis’ and Grigol Robakidze’s Creations”

  3. Bregadze, Levan “Traditional Plot – New Content”

  4. Elbakidze, Maka On the Definition of Vepkhistkaosani’s (The Knight in the Panther's Skin) Genre

  5. Gogolashvili, Kote "The Bridge across the Time-river"

  6. Kvataia, Manana West - East Paradigm and Grigol Robakidze”

  7. Kuchukhidze, Gocha Versions of “The Life of Gregory the Enlightener” and the Conversion to Christianity of the Caucasian Countries

  8. Menabde, Darejan “From Mtsiredi Ram Motkhroba Rosiisa by Gabriel Ratishvili to Mgzavris Tserilebi by Ilia Chavchavadze”

  9. Modebadze, IrineNational Language Image of the World and the Process of the Merging of the Cultural Language Borders”

  10. Ratiani, Irma “Author and his Reader. In the Light of Realistic Literary Tradition”




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