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 Editorial Policy

Georgian Electronic Journal "Litinfo" is a professional publication that welcomes articles of Georgian and foreign scholars engaging in  contemporary issues of literary studies. The journal is looking for scholarly works that open new perspectives on its subject and highlight the integration of Georgian literary researches into the dialogue of world literature. All submitted articles will be evaluated by members of the LITINFO editorial board.  

Copyright to material appearing in LITINFO is retained by the author, who is free to publish his/her work elsewhere, providing that the previous publication of the work in LITINFO is acknowledged.

An article publishing charge is
30 Euros for foreign authors, 50 GEL for Georgian contributors and 30 GEL for the scholars
of Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature.

General Submission Guidelines

1) An article can be submitted either via Email (litinfo.info@gmail.com) or by Floppy disk and should be accompanied by the title page where author's name, surname, academic degree, position, contact coordinates and key words should be indicated.

 2)      Work  should be between 1500-5000 words long

 3)      An article should be formatted in the following way:

  1. Title of the article (in the middle)

  2. Abstract (100 words)

  3. Key Words

  4. Main Text

  5. List of approved bibliography (enclosed to the article)

  6. Margins: top-bottom, left-right 25mm

  7. Font –Times New Roman 11, Line spacing – 1

  8. Requirements for Citations:

 A) Citation is isolated from the main text with Quotation marks, ('' '') at the end of citation, in brackets is written the index, indicating the name of the author of the citation, publication year, then colon and page number. For example: (Jennet 1998: 37) see the Appendix 1

B) The font size of all kinds of citations should be reduced (the text font size is Times New Roman 11, the citation font size is Times New Roman 10

4)      Bibliography list should be ordered according to index, in alphabetical order (see the Appendix 2)

5)      Wide explanations of the author of the article  is numbered and placed at the end of the work

6)       The author is responsible for the literary style and orthography of the  work

7)       The opponent of the work is anonymous

8)      The Editorial Board will determine if the article is appropriate for the journal





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