Volume 6, Issue 2

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Published by the Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature

                                                                    Contents                                                         Volume 6, Issue 2;


  1. Konstantine Bregadze, The Essence of Art in German Romanticism (Friedrich Schleiermacher,
    Friedrich Schlegel and Novalis)
    and the Concept of Art-as-Religion (Kunstreligion)

  2. Tamar Chokoraia, Historical Memory and Historical Prose (Tradition of Georgian Historical Prose and “Zebulon” by Jemal Karchkhadze)

  3. Tamar Gegeshidze, Individual Memory by the Stream of Consciousness Technique in the Novels (On the example of the prose of Otar chiladze)

  4.  Maia Jaliashvili, The Clock Ahead of Time or The Synthesis of Tradition and Novelty in GeorgianModernist Narrative

  5. Abha Singh,  FEMINITY A CULTURAL CONSTRUCT  A Feminine sensibility in  Indian Women Novelist







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