Volume 10, Issue 1

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Published by the Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature

                                                                    Contents                                                           Volume 10, Issue 1


  1. Lali Avaliani - Literary Mystification as Modernist Paradigm.Paolo Iashvili’s “Diaries of Elene Dariani”

  2. Nino Mainguy-Bardzimashvili - Sexuality and Eroticism - Keys to Self-presentation in Women Autofiction Writers

  3. Levan Bregadze - The concepts of the wisdom and sagacity in „The Knight in the Panther's Skin“

  4. Eka Chikvaidze and Nana Mrevlishvili - The Heratege of Georgian Literary Centers of Palestine (The Premises and Development of  Old Georgian literary law)

  5. Levan Gelashvili - Recombination of the Results of Consciousness as the Principle of Montage in the Process of Creation and Perception of Literary Work

  6. Georgi Kalandadze - Patrological Collection “Samotkhis Quavili” (The Flower of the Paradise), its Sources, Specificity and Origin

  7. Manana Kvataia - Providential Visions from Literary Texts

  8. Salome Lomouri - Astral Images and Symbols in Mirza Gelovani’s Lyrics

  9. Tata Vepkhvadze - Concept of time and narrative temporality in the Sound and The Fury

  10. Elitzabeth Zardiashvili - An Unknown Autograph of Akaki’s One Letter

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