Volume 4, Issue 1

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Published by the Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


  1. Chakhunashvili, Nino - A General Review of Miracles in Hagiographic and Chivalry Literature

  2. Goderdzishvili, Keti - Pagan Pantheon of Old Kartli and Overcome of It by Christianity according to “Life of St. Nino”

  3. Jaliashvili, Maia - Aspects of Narration (According to the story by Jemal Karchkhadze “Antonio and David”)

  4. Kvataia, Manana - Alternative Receptions of Leader’s Concepts in Literature

  5. Kuchukhidze, Gocha - The Origins of Georgian Writing

  6. Letodiani, Ana - Theoretical Understanding of the Symbol

  7. Mujiri, Sophie - Life is a Caravanserai and Its Support – “The Prayer of Caravans”(According to E.S. Ozdamar’s novel “Life is a Caravanserai”)

  8. Ninidze, Katie - Opposition  between  “Fathers” and “Sons”

  9. Paichadze, Tamar - Revolution of Psyche or Futurist Art

  10. Ratiani, Irma – Anti-totalitarian Text: Literary Reaction to Intellectual Terror

  11. Shamilishvili, Manana - Georgian Journalism in The process of Democratization

  12. Sikharulidze, Ketevan - Deities Reincarnated in Evil Spirits in the Caucasian Mythology


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