Volume 1, Issue 1

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Published by the Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature


  1. Alibegashvili, G.  "Pagan Idol's mountains after "Saint Nino's life"

  2. Abdoullah-Zadeh, M. "The theme of Sin and Position of Women in the Society" (based on the novels by modern Azerbaijanni authors)

  3. Bezarashvili, K. "Development of the Peculiarities  of Hellenopolism in Georgian Literature and the Origin of Secular Literature"

  4. Bregadze, L. "The Ideology of Antimimesis"

  5. Darchia, I. "For the Mythological and Ritual function of colours in Greek tragedy"

  6. Elashvili, K. "Sacral Aspects of a Symbol and its "Religious Background"

  7. Elbakidze, M. "Space Dichotomy in Medieval Chivalry Romances"

  8. Kuchukhidze, G. "On the Genesis of the "Triad" by Ilia Chavchavadze"

  9. Kvataia, M. "Eternity of Beauty According to Grigol Robakidze's Paradigm"

  10. Menabde, D. "The Story of Dinara as a Source"

  11. Megrelishvili, T. "Boris Akunin's mind games"

  12. Mujiri, S. "Devices of Modification of Phraseologisms in Fiction" (on the bases of the Works by H. Falada and H. Kant)

  13. Nishnianidze, R. "One Image of Poetic Expression in Georgian Writing of the beginning of XX century"

  14. Paichadze, T. "Ready-made and Georgian Creative Innovations"

  15. Ratiani. I. "Theory of Liminality"

  16. Shurgaia, T. "The latest Georgian Translations of Contemporary Persian Poetry"

  17. Sikharulidze, K. "Rituals Dedicated to disease-causing deities"

  18. Tsanava, R. "Search as a Symbol and Its Mythoritual Aspects"

  19. Tumanishvili, Kh. "The Specific and the Universal in the Proverb Genre"



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