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 Appendix 1

Sample for citation, indication and bibliography

     Jennetís task is to examine Proustís artistic methods and to prove that ďMetaphor and Metonymy are not incompatible antagonist. They strengthen and enhance each other, assessing the other does not mean to form some kind of metonymy list, (which will compete with metaphor) but to find out how they function in the boundaries of analogy. Therefore the role of metonymy in metaphor should be revealedĒ (Jenet 1998: 37). Why did Jennet chose Proustís works for analyzes? The reason for this is that in Proustís aesthetic theory, as well as in practice , metaphoric relations (based on analogy) play a vital role, important in such an extend that their meaning and role, in relation with other semantic relations is exaggerated .







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